Catlyn Fendler: No One Listening

Chris Martin: I Wish in the Ear of Your Heart

Connie Wieneke: The Tin Can Of Your Heart  •  Small Faith

Howard Wilkerson: San Francisco, April 1974  •  Deserted Farmhouse

Jason Deiss: Salt-flat Messiah

Jessica Marie King: Gina Chavez

Joanne Milavec: Blue Morning Dawn

Lisa Zimmerman: I Wish in the Forest Fire of Your Heart  •  Small Winged Ode

Lori Howe: Rain Coming—For Pete Fairchild

Matt Daly: Independence Day  •  Apex Predator


Peggy Shumaker: Granite, Schist, Loose Dirt  •  Flat Creek Wetland Overlook

Susan Austin: Cargo  •  Agoraphobia  •  Ocean Ocean

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