Welcome to Issue 6

Jackson Hole Writers Conference Issue


Welcome to the Jackson Hole Writers Conference issue of Open Window Review. This special issue is devoted solely to the work of faculty and participants of the 2013 Jackson Hole Writers Conference, held at the Jackson Arts Center in historic downtown Jackson, Wyoming, June 26-29. The staff at Open Young Man ReadingWindow would like to thank Tim Sandlin, Connie Weineke, all the faculty of this year’s conference, and all the other directors and staff who devoted their prodigious energies and talent to making the 2013 conference a literary event that will be remembered always by everyone who had the good fortune to participate.The creative inspiration we all drew from this tremendous gathering of excellent poets and writers will keep the words flowing until next year. We also wish to thank sculptor Amy Bright Unfried, whose sculpture, “Young Man Reading,” graces both the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts and our special issue journal cover. We at Open Window Review look forward to more collaboration with the extraordinary founders, directors, and staff of the Jackson Hole Writers. You can keep up with Open Window events and calls for submission on the Open Window Review Facebook page, and read our on-line issues at openwindowreviewzine.wordpress.com. Many thanks to our designer, Tyler Jackson, for his exceptional work in creating our print issues, and to Amanda Stith, whose design work graces our on-line versions.

The Open Window Review staff also wishes to thank Laramie County Community College and the Wyoming arts community for continuing support.

Lori A. Howe, EIC, OWR
Jason Deiss, Senior Contributing Editor, OWR
Sunnie Gaylord, Senior Contributing Editor, OWR
Oscar Lilley, Senior Contributing Editor, OWR
Dylan Robinson, Senior Contributing Editor, OWR
Angel Phillips, Senior Contributing Editor, OWR



Catlyn Fendler: No One Listening

Chris Martin: I Wish in the Ear of Your Heart

Connie Wieneke: The Tin Can Of Your Heart  •  Small Faith

Howard Wilkerson: San Francisco, April 1974  •  Deserted Farmhouse

Jason Deiss: Salt-flat Messiah

Jessica Marie King: Gina Chavez

Joanne Milavec: Blue Morning Dawn

Lisa Zimmerman: I Wish in the Forest Fire of Your Heart  •  Small Winged Ode

Lori Howe: Rain Coming—For Pete Fairchild

Matt Daly: Independence Day  •  Apex Predator


Peggy Shumaker: Granite, Schist, Loose Dirt  •  Flat Creek Wetland Overlook

Susan Austin: Cargo  •  Agoraphobia  •  Ocean Ocean



Angel Phillips: Tissue

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke: First Born

Dylan Robinson: Spare Change

Elaine Ramseyer: Niecie Was Boy Crazy

James Holbrook: Natasha

Lisa Lorraine Carson: Good People’s Gossip

Patti Sherlock: Born on the Sabbath

Stephen Vletas: Tight Loop

Sunnie Gaylord: The Tunnel: 1987

Tom Hardy: The Prospect of Rigby



Jeff Greenwald: Mother, India

Victoria Allek: Those Who Can’t

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