A.J. Huffman: Uncorked Wine

Allen Qing Yuan: Nature Netting

Angel Phillips: Pahlow Lane

Art Elser: Practice makes perfect nightmares

Bobbi Sinha-Morey: Silhouette Of Feathers  •  Autumn’s Light

Bret Norwood: Expedition, Feb. 6, 2013  •  Dentition

C.F. Kelly: Joy

Connie Wieneke: Guatemala Intermezzo

Cynthia Atkins: Wealth Management  •  In A Parallel Universe

David Romtvedt: Returning Home in Winter  •  My Icarus

Diane LeBlanc: Shadow Theory  •  In the Museum of Lost Wings

Diane Panozzo: Brothers and Sisters

Dylan Przygocki: Sleeping with the Enemy or The Night I made Love to a Beautiful Woman

George Lucy: August 7, 2002

H.L. Hix: Counterwords  •  Terse Protestations About Love

Jane Dominick: Asters  •  In A Raven’s Eye  •  Grace

Jason Deiss: Ultimatum

Joan Mazza: Ideas of Reference  •  To climb into a book  •  We would call him

Linda Himot: The Gardener, 1931  •  Summer Games

Lori Howe: Warmth in Autumn

Richard Luftig: Poem for the Nineteen Places I Have Lived  •  The Collector  •  Maze


Ronald John Vierling: The Laughing Lover

Shelly Norris: February:  Invention  •  Fence of Thorns

Sunnie Gaylord: The Agnostic 

Susan Gardner: Desiderata  •  Waiting: Fall

Thomas J. Glasco: Canoe  •  CLAIR IN AIR

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