Welcome to Issue 5

In the Land of Earthborn Spirits XXVIII, 2012

Susan Moldenhauer, Featured Artist
In the Land of Earthborn Spirits

The editorial staff of Open Window Review wishes to thank the Albany County Campus of Laramie County Community College for their continued support and patronage of the arts, which makes it possible for our literary magazine to grow and thrive. We would also like to thank our contributing artists and writers, who are the lifeblood of our publication and whose brilliant work has helped to make us an internationally-known literary journal in only a year. Deepest thanks to our founding web designer, Steve Krausse, for his help in getting us off the ground last year, and to our current web designer, Amanda Stith, who continually amazes us with her excellent work. We also wish to thank Tyler Jackson, the designer for this, our first print issue, and McNaughton & Gunn, Inc, for bringing the words and artwork of the Open Window arts community to the printed page. We look forward to another wonderful year with you.

Cheers —

Lori A. Howe, Editor in Chief  •  Jason Deiss, Senior Contributing Editor  •  Sunnie Gaylord, Senior Contributing Editor  •  Dylan Robinson, Senior Contributing Editor  •  Oscar Lilley, Senior Contributing Editor  • Kade Hornbuckle, Senior Contributing Editor  •  Myiah Bengston, Contributing Editor  •  Angel Phillips, Contributing Editor



A.J. Huffman: Uncorked Wine

Allen Qing Yuan: Nature Netting

Angel Phillips: Pahlow Lane

Art Elser: Practice makes perfect nightmares

Bobbi Sinha-Morey: Silhouette Of Feathers  •  Autumn’s Light

Bret Norwood: Expedition, Feb. 6, 2013  •  Dentition

C.F. Kelly: Joy

Connie Wieneke: Guatemala Intermezzo

Cynthia Atkins: Wealth Management  •  In A Parallel Universe

David Romtvedt: Returning Home in Winter  •  My Icarus

Diane LeBlanc: Shadow Theory  •  In the Museum of Lost Wings

Diane Panozzo: Brothers and Sisters

Dylan Przygocki: Sleeping with the Enemy or The Night I made Love to a Beautiful Woman

George Lucy: August 7, 2002

H.L. Hix: Counterwords  •  Terse Protestations About Love

Jane Dominick: Asters  •  In A Raven’s Eye  •  Grace

Jason Deiss: Ultimatum

Joan Mazza: Ideas of Reference  •  To climb into a book  •  We would call him

Linda Himot: The Gardener, 1931  •  Summer Games

Lori Howe: Warmth in Autumn

Richard Luftig: Poem for the Nineteen Places I Have Lived  •  The Collector  •  Maze


Ronald John Vierling: The Laughing Lover

Shelly Norris: February:  Invention  •  Fence of Thorns

Sunnie Gaylord: The Agnostic 

Susan Gardner: Desiderata  •  Waiting: Fall

Thomas J. Glasco: Canoe  •  CLAIR IN AIR



Bret Norwood: Meade Construction

Dorman Nelson: Mack’s Winter

Dylan Robinson: Burning Trash  •  Spare Change

Jane Dominick: Ghost Canyon

Jay Robbins: The Goat King

Kade Hornbuckle: Mana

Myiah Bengston: To Grandmothers House We Go

Sunnie Gaylord: The Landlord



Angel Phillips: Writing on Altitude

Daniel Hayward: If I was a raptor

Donal Mahoney: Back Then and Write Now

Erik Molvar: The allure of the Red Desert

Matthew Cummins: A Limited Experience

Paul Taylor: Rainbow Snake & the Red Desert

Wiley Combs: The Importance of Philosophy



Allison Pluda: Photography

Amy Diane Williams: Photography

Daniel Hayward: Photography

Derek Norsworthy: Photography

Erik Molvar: Photography

Samantha Pratt: Photography

Susan Moldenhauer, Issue 5 Featured Artist: Photography

Young Writers


Emily Brande: Death’s Grip

Evan Naughton: The only hope

Isla Skinner: Ice Man

Working In Wyoming Writing Workshops


Connor Novotny: In Pursuit of a Dream

Estella Soto: Two Estellas

Jason Deiss: Last Tuesday

Lori Howe: Mending

Rod Miller: Work to Do

Sunnie Gaylord: I-80

Book Reviews


Figures on a Beach

Death on a Cold Night

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