Alex Bragg: The Proper Number

Art Elser: Flying Horse Of Gansu  •  The Hunters  •  The Old Picture In The Back Hall

Bob Bragg: Veterans Administration Waltz

Bret Norwood: A (Particulate) Solution

Carol Deering: I Brake for Deer  •  Let It Be

Changming Yuan: Double Destinations  •  H.O.P.E.: The Destinations of Letters

C.F. Kelly: Contrition

Dan Hayward: Morning Fog in Bosler Wyoming

David Mecham: Escape

David Romtvedt: Dilemmas of the Angels: Desire  •  Dilemmas of the Angels: A Tip  •  Dilemmas of the Angels:  Extraterrestrial  •  Dilemmas of the Angels:  Fucking Morons  •  Dilemmas of the Angels: Intention

Diane Binder: Hope

Diane Webster: Dusk Flights

H.L. Hix: A Liberation of Underneath  •  Spilling Upstream

Jake Russell: Sans Ephesus

Jason Deiss: Salt-flat Messiah  •  Street Lamp


Kade Hornbuckle: Cypress  •  New Habits  •  Stifled Breathing

Ken Chavez: In The Middle  •  Mop

Kevin Heaton: Mother Corn  •  A Prairie Affair

Kushal Poddar: Night Flight Of A Crow

Kyle Hemmings: The No-Pain Dentist  •  The Great Blizzard of ’17

Lori Howe: On the Ice

Lori Joseph: Riding on the Tailgate

Rodney Nelson: THE FARM FOUR

Shelly Norris: For Keeps  •  Meditations On Mistletoe

Sunnie Gaylord: The Novice  •  The Birthday

Thomas Glasco: Mom  •  September Shoreline  •  The Listening

Treva Lannan: Night Light

Valentina Cano: The Intrusive


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