Issue III Dedication

soldiers crossWelcome to Issue 3 of Open Window Review, the on-line literary magazine of the Albany County Campus of Laramie County Community College.  This issue was born out of the wish of the editors of the Open Window Review to honor all of our nation’s veterans, both old and new.  The dedication, however, is reserved for one very special young man.  Ty Appleby was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Wyoming Army National Guard.  At least the hat he was wearing defined him as such.  He was wearing the duty cap of his father, Sgt John Appleby, who was sitting in the front row of a welcome home ceremony at the Casper International Airport.  Little Ty, who was two at the time, wandered up on stage where he wasn’t supposed to be, as is common for toddlers.

Sharing the stage with him was the Wyoming Adjutant General, a two star and commander of the Wyoming National Guard.  Like any good soldier, Ty straightened up and gave the general a crisp salute.  The general returned the salute, as is proper military etiquette.  But then little Sgt. Ty Appleby threw a curve ball- he told the highest-ranking member of the WYNG, “At Ease!”  I’ve met many brave men and women in my decade of service, but I’ve never even heard of an enlisted man of any rank tell a general to move to the position of “At Ease.”  And that is why this issue is dedicated to Ty, because courage will always be admired in this country of ours.  Like many of our nation’s troops, Ty died young and before his time, a week before his fourth birthday of a heart condition.  He will always and forever be our honorary little veteran, and this issue is for you:

Sgt. Ty Appleby


By Oscar Lilley


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