Welcome to Issue 3

Welcome to Issue 3 of Open Window Review, the on-line literary magazine of the Albany County Campus of Laramie County Community College.  This issue was born out of the wish of the editors of the Open Window Review to honor all of our nation’s veterans, both old and new. Please take the time to read the Issue III Dedication written by Oscar Lilley.

thank you

World War II ImageWorld War II

C.F. Kelly: Pyrrhic Peace

Jason Deiss: History’s Prisoner

Lori Howe: Tenth Mountain

korean war soldiersKorea

Roy W. Lilley: Reflections of a Korean War Draftee

Vietnam SoldiersVietnam

Aaron Holst: All In • Notes on One’s Military Experience

Art Elser: Breaking news • Washington, D.C., May 1995

Tom Sheehan: One Prisoner Too Many

Iraq War SoldiersPost 9/11

Anonymous: Far From Home

Cortney Babel: Unitas 2002

Dustin Wisdom: Oct  13

Eli Lilley: Sergeant Stinky

Jay Robbins: The Girl with the Particle-Board Vagina  •  Grease Spots

Michael Gomes: Nora Jones

Oscar Lilley: It so happens I love to shoot

VeteranComing Home

Ben Ehrlich: Poems of a Soldier

Peycho Kanev: About the bullets and the feathers • Hearts of old gods

Thomas Glasco: SOLDIER BOY

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