Welcome to Issue 1

Welcome to Open Window, the new on-line literary magazine of LCCC’s Albany County Campus. We hope you enjoy our inaugural issue and its blend of excellent writing from new and established writers from Wyoming and across the United States.

Lori Howe, Editor in Chief – Open Window


Sunnie Gaylord: The Cockroach

Dugan Tomczak: Red Wheelbarrow Dependency

Oscar Lilley: No Survivors

Caleb Bristol: Edge

Karolyn Sherwood: The Best Liar of All

Kade Hornbuckle: The Savant


John Nesbitt: Fifth Wheels

Jytte Holst-Bowers: The Short Life of Bryan Douglas

Melissa Lamey: Life Lessons

Julianne Couch: Alice James in Wonderland

Adalgiza Bonifacio: The Civil War

Christina Conrad: Ensure Shakes

Oscar Lilley: Gridiron Greatness


Lauren Donley: Flying Rabbits, Braided Back, The Standing Dead

Thomas Glasco, Colorado Poet Laureate: Buffalo Begundy’s Standoff, Heirloom Creek

Samantha Valori Pratt: Partners

Bridget Hardy: River of Crows

Rex Myers: Late September Saturday at Castle Gardens, Zane Grey Lied

Bret Norwood: Succulence, Darby Formation

Roger Adams and Lori Howe: On Mornings When Half-asleep I Dream to the Radio,    Leaving Tomorrow

Hanz Olson: from all over the city

Sunnie Gaylord: Quoin of Slumber

Michael Basinger: ZooBackpacking

Meaghan Elliott: China Braid, Pedestrian

Delfina Paquissi: Um Mundo Perfeito, Dream of Two Worlds (English translation by Lori Howe)

Dylan Robinson: Rush Week, 30-Minute Walk, Black Gold

Jason Deiss: Amor de Mi Alma, Game of Kings

Kade Hornbuckle: Time Machine

Lindsay Sweley: Antidote to Despair

Treva Lannan: November Day

C.F. Kelly: procrastination

Connie Wieneke: Frogs Lost in Connecticut

Aaron Holst, Senior Poet Laureate of Colorado: Photobooth, Splitting the Atom

Art Elser: Evening Adagio

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