By Mike Lewis-Beck

After school
a game of HORSE
Zeke and Emmet shooting hoops
at the rusted rim over the garage door

Emmet lets go the ball,
makes a basket.
That’s an “R,” says Emmet,
score for me, only need one more!

You’re so dumb, says Zeke,
HORSE has five letters, not four.
Can’t count, can’t spell. Dumb.

Smarter’n you, hamburger, says Emmet.
You’re dumb as a dog
dog-poop dumb.
Dum-de-dum-dum, he dribbles

Emmet, you couldn’t find
your butt with both hands
that’s how dumb you are.
You’re a pug-butt! says Zeke.

Whatever I am you are –
twice. Two times the bad.
So’s you’re a Double-Pig-Butt
that’s what you are, says Emmet.

Pug-butt, not pig-butt!
A pug’s a dog
a kind of dog, says Zeke.
Emmett, you’re so dumb

Wanna shoot a game of PIG?
says Emmet.

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