The only hope

By Evan Naughton


Long ago, there was a great fight between nations, the Northern and Southern Nations. The Southern Nation, also known as Maria, wanted to take over the Northern Nation, known as Srain. The people of Srain fiercely defended their homeland and, in the end, they won by taking a crystal of power. By taking the crystal, they made the soldiers of Maria feeble and unable to fight. A young leader took the crystal and hid in Srain. That is where this story begins, in a hole in a hill.

There was a knock on the door of a house in the hill. 13 year old Willamor Fillins went to open the door. There stood a tall, thin man in a red cloak.

“Pleasant day, isn’t it Mr. Fillins?” the man asked.

With a puzzled look, Will asked, “Not to be rude, but who are you, and how do you know my name?”

The man looked a little sad.

“Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Dwalim, Dwalim the Wizard.

Will still looked perplexed, but went along with it.

“So, what do you want to do, have lunch with me?”

“Not quite” the wizard answered “I was wondering if you wanted to come and have dinner with me at the house of the elves. But if you come with me, we will miss lunch.”

“I cannot miss lunch.” Will told him. With that Will walked into his house shutting the door behind him. Even though young Will did not want to go to the house of the elves, Dwalim did, so he waited till Will had finished lunch. When Will finished lunch, Dwalim knocked on the door again.

William went to the door after eating a nice lunch and saw the wizard once again, but this time, the wizard had the wildest looking horse he had ever seen.

“Hurry up Will!” shouted Dwalim, “we can’t miss dinner at the home of the elves, can we?”

After that, Will hopped on the horse behind the wizard and the horse galloped away. As the horse was running to the home of the elves, the wizard told Will that the horses name was Alic. If Alic couldn’t run fast enough, they might miss dinner. Dwalim said that the route they were taking had many dangers, so they would have to be careful. Will and Dwalim rode out of the Hegyek hills towards the Vizeses Falls, where the Elves called home.

When they were riding over the Hegy Mountains, something the color of coal landed in front of them and frightened all of them. In a dark growling voice the creature that ended up being a dragon snarled, “I am Sarkany the dragon ready for dinner!” Dwalim casted a quick stunning spell that made Sarkany rigid for enough time that Will and the wizard were able to escape. In the distance they heard the growling and snarling of the livid dragon Sarkany.

When they finally made it to the home of the elves and the sound of the falls, an elf came and talked with the wizard in what Will assumed was elvish. Their conversation lasted a little more than a minute. The elf finally turned to Will and said that they were grateful to see him, and he was to lead them to the elf king. When they met with the king, the first words he said were “You are late for dinner, but fortunately we have leftovers.”

Once they had dinner, they went to the living room to talk about why they needed William Fillins. They said that his father was the leader of the Srain in the fight between Srain and Maria. They said that he was the one that who found out where the Crystal of Power was located and went to get it. Then the elf king whose name was Vezető was the one who knew what they had to do.

“You must go and find where your father hid the crystal Willamor,” Vezető told Will, “And you must get it before the soldiers of Maria do.”

“Why do I have to do it?” asked Will, “Why can’t one of you do it?”

“You have the map that guides us to the crystal. You are the only hope” Vezető told him.

“What map?” asked Will.

“Do you have a pocket watch that doesn’t work and that was given to you by your father?” said the king.

“The one that my father said never to lose?”

“Yes, that one”

“Well my father told me to always to keep it in my pocket, so it is in the pocket of my…”

“What?” asked an elf to the side of the King.

“My father told me never to tell” stated Will.

“These are friends Will, so you can tell us.” told Dwalim.

“It is in the pocket of my…my shirt.” Will said in a whispered voice

“Take it out and show us.” said Vezető.

Will thought for a moment and, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a diamond pocket watch. He opened it and then said,
“See, it doesn’t work.”

“Turn the dial to the right one twist, to the left for four twists, to the right again for eight twists, than to the left for three twists.” said Dwalim.

Will did has he was told. When he finished the turning, the pocket watch started to glow and then a hologram of a map burst out.

“If you look carefully, you will see a small, green dot, which is where the crystal is hidden.”

When they finally finished, Will skipped dessert and went to bed. Once his head hit the pillow, he fell into a deep sleep. As he was going to bed, he was thinking about his father.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Willamor had a dream about his father. He saw his father giving a small child a diamond watch. Then the image shifted and he saw his father again with a sword in his back with a creature that Will had never seen holding the sword. After seeing the frightening images, Will woke up to the sound of swards hitting swards outside.



Will dressed in his clothes as quick as he could but before he could get out of his room, a huge humanoid creature blocked his way out. The great being looked like the thing in his dream!

“I killed your father so now I will kill you!” bellowed the monster.

“Not before I slay you,” said a voice behind him, “and kill you like a bug under a falling tree. Right as the voice ended, the creature let out a horrid scream and fell onto the floor. A figure leaped onto the monsters back. “That creature is called a Nargath Follow me” said the man, “and you might need this. The man tossed him something that he couldn’t tell what it was tell he caught it. It was a sword.

“I used to be your fathers. He used it to kill the giant king Nagydarab.” The stranger told him.

“Who are you” asked Will.

“No time for that,” said the man, “there is a fight outside.” At that note, they moved on outdoor.

The second they got outside, they started fighting. Will looked around fiercely looking for Dwalim. Then he spotted him fighting a big fat Nargath. He then casted an odd spell.

Blæse Opire

Right as that happened, the Nargath exploded into a pile of green goo. Dwalim saw Will and called to him. “Hi sleepy head, how well did you sleep?”

“Not very well” said Will, “I had a scary Dream.”

“Visions,” Dwalim said in a mystic voice, “Those are sent by the evil Nargath shape shifting King Fráögx. He sends them into your head and shows you past, present, or future.”

“King Fráögx showed me how my father died then. That is creepy.” Will looked frightened but not too frightened. He then looked up at Dwalim and looked confused.

“How does he send them?” asked Will

“I’ll tell you later, we need to get out of here.” Dwalim sang the shortest tune and the horse named Alic. On the back of the horse was the stranger.

“Have you met your uncle yet Will?” asked Dwalim.

“HE IS MY UNCLE!!” yelled Will

“Yes Will, I am your fathers brother,” said the stranger, “My name is Akilias Fillins. I am to take you to Galinhime. You will meet my Daughter Sera. She is your cousin and you two will go on a quest to find the Crystal and come back to my house. This is where you will live because your home has been destroyed. So we must go now.”

The ride was a little cramped because he was between Akilias and Dwalim. Then something happened. He saw his house on flames! Then he was sitting on a horse again. He wanted to tell Dwalim but he couldn’t come to telling him because he was to dumbstruck. Then he saw a small town with a castle in the middle.

“Here we are. Willamor Fillins are you ready to meet Sera.”

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