In A Raven’s Eye

By Jane Dominick

In a raven’s eye
the lake gleams
obsidian black,
shines as it reflects,
refracts, sunlight.
White-gray snow
surrounds, mats
a negative photograph.
Black green firs
frame the scene,
texturing and towering
above the dull
of the lake,
its glass surface.
The dark-eyed lake
long-lashed with cattails –
tan, brown, browner –
lined by bleached logs.

In a raven’s eye
more color enters:
blue, red and
Spring green.
Three humans break
from the fir’s fringe.
They sit, change boots
to skates, black and white.
They stand, hobble
to lake’s edge
where blue and red
flank green.
Three push and glide
across the ice,
describe a circle slowly.

Raven lights
atop a tall tree,
shedding mists of snow.
Three people etch
six lines onto the crystal
eye of the lake
and onto the pupil
of a raven’s eye.

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