If I Was A Raptor

By Daniel Hayward

If I was a raptor, I’d be able to leave the earth. I could leave the BS that the humans create while pretending to be so damn smart and yet being so very foolish.
I’d leave the technology that beats the crap out of myself as I try to compete in the western digital world. That beats the crap out of millions of people as they rush to get the latest gadget and app, week after week after week.
I’d leave the digital world where my human self withers away, because I have to compete, and to compete means having to work within the cyber world of WIFI and bits and processors and programs; programs that so often don‘t work while there are no solutions available to fix their problems. The cyber world where, unless we’re able and/or willing to pay someone to solve those problems, the problems remain, even for questions that the digital companies should provide answers to as a simple service to help their customers to use their products better.
Before the digital age, companies provided answers, in some fashion or other, to help their customers solve problems related to the company’s products. Doing Good Business meant to include a manual that actually helped people solve small to large product problems.
Today, “Good Business” means producing products and selling them before the products are really ready to be released; before most of the glitches are caught and remedied. Today, “Good Business” means doing whatever you have to do, to make millions of dollars in a short amount of time, and that is all that really matters in “Good Business.”
Today, “Good Business” means complexity beyond almost anyone’s real understanding, and yet that complexity is what is expected and demanded by the stupid public who have been taught to think that using the products of “Good Business” is the only way to make it.
Well….. If I was a raptor, I’d soar above all that BS and be untouched by it. I’d be able to soar over the natural world where few if any humans are walking, driving or even existing. I could just watch the world go by and see things much as they were before the “foolish humans” marched onto this continent. My view of the gentle Mother below me, with her mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, forests and prairies, with her abstract patterns decorating the rugged-to-mellow landscapes would ease me into Peace. Deep, all-consuming Peace….
I’d see the world much as my raptor ancestors saw it 300 years ago, when the humans on this land below me were part of that land instead of working so hard to be apart from it. I’d see the land much as my ancestors saw it, except that now, there are very few animals and birds on the land. The rivers of Bison and Elk are no more. The Clouds of water birds rising from their night-time roosts are no more. So many of the Mother’s Non-human Children were exterminated as a means to exterminate the people who were part of the land, and to make room for the swarm of “apart-from-the-land” creatures who infiltrated the land, pushing all else off. Who lost respect for Creation, the Mother, changing Her Face, degraded the waters and land, killing her children. Who found electricity, made un-natural means of swift transportation, allowed their populations to explode and learned digital technology.
….. If I was a raptor, I’d leave the earth. I’d leave my computers behind and not turn back. I’d fly to where I could safely live as a raptor; as a living, thinking, feeling being. I’d fly safely, and fly close with those Spirits who look down on this aching planet, with tears falling like snow from their bloodshot eyes.
I’d leave the earth, with my tears streaming back toward earth from my aching eyes, and ask my wings to take me to the earth of my ancestors where I would free from today’s human BS and foolishness….. Free from the bonds of technology.

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