Jay Robbins

Jay Robbins was born in the 1980s in Wyoming.  He did some stuff, spent some time overseas, then came back home and did some more stuff.  In the world there are many Kings of specific domains.  There are Jacks of all trades.  Jay considers himself an 8 or a 9 of some trades, which leaves lots of room for growth.  He doesn’t care much for mentioning frivolous awards won in times past.  He doesn’t like talking about himself, especially in the third person.  Jay doesn’t consider himself special in any way.  It is not the storyteller that matters, but the story; the story means everything.  Jay is now a lucky husband and doting father of two living in Laramie, Wyoming.

The following selection is a novel excerpt titled, “The Goat King” set in Hawija, Iraq.  The novel trilogy progressing at a glacial pace, Coward, serves to ask the question: are humans imbued with a redemptive soul?  Can a cur, a blackguard, a sniveling yellow dog draw back from a lifetime of self-pity and cowardice, and in a moment of resolve win back all his years of honor lost?  The author doesn’t know, but wishes fervently to affirm the positive.

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