By Bret Norwood

(The number of emphasized syllables equals the number of permanent teeth. Sounds made in each particular region of the mouth are featured in their proper visual locations.)

The chopping blocks erupt

from pinkish gums

to cut

the flesh

that feeds.

These sleek


will dice

what once was life

and mash with square bones


to crush the older forms,

will rend with cusps

and cut

the meat

one needs,

now freed

by teeth

to cleave

to life anew,

compose a human mode.

Categories: Issue 5, Poetry | 2 Comments

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2 thoughts on “Dentition

  1. Cork

    Hi Bret,
    I had to see the layout to appreciate it as a physical poem. I think that I have one physical poem in my collection which I will share with you at some future time. My “teeth” poems are at under testimonials.
    Happy writing, Cork

    • Bret Norwood

      Cork, I enjoyed your orthodontic verse. Thanks for sharing. I would be interested to see the physical poem you mention if you get the chance to share it.

      As for this poem, the jawline layout came out better in the physical book, but I think you can get the idea from here.

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