By Thomas J. Glasco, Poet Laureate
©Sept. 2012

She is a yellow daisy,
Loves the sun and rain.
At Imperial High she is a blue iris
Stands tall in fields of mulberries.
She dresses in pep club sweater
And pleated skirt.
Her ebony hair cascades like the Oriole’s
Woven nest, weaved into
Tips of hanging branches.

In spring she keeps the posture of
Red, yellow, and purple tulips.
In midsummer her scent matches the
Pink peonies, her delicate fingers
Entwine the green stems.
Songbirds serenade in alto and
Soprano, always in perfect pitch.

A robin disperses joy in her honor,
He dresses regally in his brown topcoat,
Red breasted sweater, and boots by Justin.
He tops his attire with an Irish touring cap.
He’s a rockin robin, don’t you know.
He got to boogie for my Momma.

Mom is a lily seated at her bay window.
Her roses are brilliant this year.
She ventures outdoors, clasps railing.
What she loved as a child, she loves today.
Her blue eyes search the sky,
Drift dreamily with cumulus clouds.

Happy 95th Birthday, Mom
I love you,

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