Linear by Shelly Norris

Nightfall obscured, not only for everyone

who had no vision in his ignorance,

and dawn rose for only a few, and easier

for none.  Disbelief in misery still begat

no hope, which does not require doubt,

and this made everyone who did not have it

blind outside the ugly agreements.

Hatred at midnight that was not hatred at dawn

signaled hope had not been released

for some indefinite passing of time, and inadvisable

to go without silence to sour a happiness, override sorrow.

The huddled mass spoke to no one, not even their cats

or their plants, not to the dull disagreement

under water, and those alone undressed alone

inside their peculiar walls, behind their peculiar doors.

Pish on stone tile soaking in sunlight and summer calm,

everyone thought.  Pish on abstinence and boycotting TV,

everyone else thought.  Not avenues to morality.

Nightfall revealed, not only for everyone

who despised pat solutions, and dawn sank down

cloud to dust, Christian and transparent.

The way we never envision it is the way it will never be.

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