procrastination by C.F. Kelly

there are things that need doing

the timer on the washer is calling me

the lint trap on the dryer needs cleaning

the letter on my desk is unanswered

the grocery list is not long enough yet

I move messages from inbox to drafts

the snow drift in the driveway is still small

and I will continue to drive through it

why remove it

there is nothing wrong with moving a deadline

back a day or two or three

let the dirty dishes accumulate

they are patient pieces and will not shout


there are frequent phrases

in a day or two or three

in a month or two or three

in a year or two or three

and in the meantime I use the Internet

to send and receive messages

to visit Facebook

to play hearts and solitaire

to order food and clothing

or I read another novel

or watch The Weather Chanel on TV

or find distraction wherever

I can call or text a friend

I can write a naked poem

with no rhyme or rhythm

without similes or metaphors

without alliteration or personification

and rationalize that I am multi-tasking

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