from all over the city by Hanz Olson

Dogs of story license spilt paper,

paper announcing bees.


I ‘ m n o t s e e i n g fall can’t reel in a good guesser.

Another broken passage finds rain on bakery windows.


Waddle in extra shifts of the hotel,

the wine of a family found in the parlor, no explanation will be required.


Awakening now feeling above and below the bed.

Two worlds old thought failing heart came to be

free list of the thesaurus. The charm on the surface

for fighting to the center left out dependency on please,

marriage of steps.


Back to the box flame, a surprised condition masks

“For a fucking cake he bans us.”


She fell in happy looks to see in the room two meanings of patient.

List for the heart old car only person on the earth arrives suitcase of flowers,

a position to be in a contradiction over the shop.


How uplifting, tears of the car: two milligrams, notebook,

hallway, a connection to movies follows me home.

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