Dream of Two Worlds by Delfina Paquissi (English translation by Lori Howe)

In darkness

and waking,

a perfect world lives

behind my eyes.

In this place,

all the color and dance,

the songs and the people

of Luanda

and Huambo Province


like rivers confluent,

with Wyoming–

the fierce faces

of her mountains,

strong winds,

and good people.


Where these rivers

inside me


there is music,


and a profound peace

no inequity can mar.


I breathe this perfect place

into being

so its sun can reach my spirit

and I can draw calm in

with the breeze

and the pearls of snow

on the mountain.

At night,

I stand bathed in brilliance–

the stars light me from within

and illuminate my dreams.


In this place,

all its citizens know each other

the way the sun and moon


without competition,

without malice,

knowing that the fullness

and lack

of heat and chill

complete each other.

The horizon stands open,


beckoning me to fill myself

at the fountains

of everything I love.


Baskets of sapphires

and threads of purest gold

hold no warmth

like the fortune

of this place of plains

and blue sky…

all the warm, breathing riches

they offer me,

both waking

and in dreams.

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