River of Crows by Bridget Hardy

River of Crows, River of Souls

Members of the tribe,

Perhaps spirits of the First Nations

From before the rest arrived.


You live with, off, among and despite us,

Your numbers are reaching ours

Conspiring with the Chestnut trees

To put dents in all our cars.


River of Crows, River of Souls

Feathers black as oil

You chase away the eagle

To family you are loyal


Brothers and Sisters and Cousins and Aunts

Practical jokes, soap operas and rants

Flocking, talking, making your tools

Tearing up lawns and breaking our rules


Mysterious Crow your intelligence shows

When you look me in the eye

You’re not fooled by the window pane

And I’ve seen you laugh……and cry


City of Crows, City of Souls

Perhaps we are like you,

In our haste to become so many

We ate the songbirds too.


So sometimes there’s fear

So many, so near,  is it vengeance of Hitchcock’s?

We look to the sky and we pray to our Gods

You won’t blanket us with pox.


River of Crows, River of Souls

You ebb and flow like tides,

Like work and rest, like birth and death

Riding the waves of time.

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