Late September Saturday at Castle Gardens by Rex Myers

Nineteen miles of road that

Delorme’s Wyoming Atlas (page 42) calls “improved” gravel

Through sage brush thick as blue-grey dryer lint

amid red Haliburton oil field trucks crawling like purposeful red beetles;

Along a final five mile path locals characterize as “two-track”

to an anticline of time-melted sandstone in cream, brown and orange bright as cheerleaders;

Vandalized BLM sign, weather-worn concrete picnic tables

clutching sand, unused bird house nailed to the lean of wind-blown ponderosa pine

Plus chain link fence and centuries

to keep visitors from touching the significance of shield motif petroglyphs

And sky too blue for Crayola color.

Quiet, 4-wheelers cluster like cattle at a stock tank

around chips, potato salad, beer, and a small radio broadcasting

A Wyoming Cowboys football game.

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